The Challenge

Fellers Lounge restaurant and bar just went under new management and required a fresh new logo and corporate identity that also had a few similarities with the previous brand as they wanted their regulars to still come to the restaurant. The restaurant was located in the Pretoria central business district so their target market was the working class who could afford and appreciate a sophisticated meal during their lunch breaks or beverages that could help unwind even the busiest of their cliental.

The Solution

Our brief was to design, and print all necessary elements required. These were a full Corporate identity, new menu & drinks menu, counter displays and “now open” banner & pamphlets. We also suggested a website as they didn’t have one by the time that displayed their menu and also gave their customers the opportunity to book a table hours or days in advance, also a order online service at a later stage if they wanted to incorporate it.


Corporate Rebranding


Website design and development

Day Turnaround


Amazing Result

Implementation of project

CI Design

We decided to keep the previous color as it was the only thing working with the previous brand identity. We chose to use the name of the restaurant and bar as the logo and most significant visual element of the brand as a whole as we believed this would best visual way to create a association with their target market.

Counter Displays And Menu

Our client wanted to make sure that the menu and counter displays have a huge impact on his customers so we made sure that the menu enhanced the food in a very subtle yet sophisticated way. The menu was focused on only showcasing the meals the chef would prepare on a daily basis and the specials where displayed on the counter displays as they were relatively cheap to maintain and change on a regular basis.

Website design and development

We designed the website with the sole function of reaching a larger demographic of their custom base and to also evolve to meet their needs as they changed. We decided to use a CMS platform for their website as they are more user friendly if they wanted to change or add content to their site whenever they saw fit. We focused on creating the wire frame to make sure that it was dynamic enough to incorporate more complex functions as their business grew.

The Results Were Amazing

As our client had a very tight deadline and wanted to do the launch of the restaurant in 30 days of briefing we prioritised the brief to what was more time consuming and needed more hours of design and development. We made sure that we designed the printable material first and work on the site after that was done. We had all the counter displays and menus completed in 15 days of briefing and 10 days for the design and development of the website. All in all the project took 25 days to complete and we used the remaining 5 days to make sure that everything was perfect for the client to sign of. The project was such a success the client requested us to create a couple of posters for the launch of the restaurant and bar, our media team also assisted on the day of the launch to do a couple of DJ sets for the following 3 days of the launch.

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