Free One-Page Websites For South African Registered Companies

Yes you read right if you have a registered SME in South Africa we are offering to design and develop a one-page website for your business free of charge.
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Whats the offer and what exactly is a one-page website?

Legitimize your small business with a website.

Most small businesses dont have a website due to lack of understanding, how it can help their business or due to the affordability factor thinking that a website is expensive to develop and maintain. This could be true but the long-term negative impact of not having one in this day and age could be detrimental to your business’s visibility, growth and general credibility.

A one-page website also known as a “parallax website” is a website that has your content (Company Information) on one page other than the generally known multi-page website. At FPS Media we want to give small businesses that have the potential of being the next big thing to meet that said potential.

We are offering free one-page websites designed and developed by professional graphic designers and developers to assist you in your business’s digital presence. All our websites are fully responsive making sure your website works seamlessly on mobile devices and tablets at your potential client’s convenience.

How does my business qualify?

We are focusing on 10 SME’s and Start-up company owners that don’t already have a website and need assistance with professionally designed and developed websites on a first come first serve basis.

You brief us and we make your vision come to fruition.

If you have a legally registered company within the borders of South Africa; A side hustle that you maintain while doing your 9-5, a start-up company, a hobby that you’re turning into a lucrative business or if you are an aspiring artist that wants to get a broader audience for your work than congratulations you meet all the requirements.

Terms & Conditions (Frequantly asked Questions)

Do I have to pay for hosting and a URL Domain?

Successful candidates will be required to pay a once off hosting and domain fee of R2500 which will cover the cost for hosting for a duration of one year on our server which will include free maintenance and monthly backups.

How many personalised emails do i get?

We will provide you with one free personalised email for the duration of one year.
If you would like to add more you can do so by paying an additional R180.00 (R15.00 pm) on the mandatory once off hosting payment.

Can I host my website on another hosting company?
No, in order to make sure that your website maintains its pristine condition throughout the duration of the contractual agreement the website will have to be hosted with FPS Media but can be hosted with another company after 12 months.
How many times can i change the content on the site?
All our websites are created with our customers in mind in a nondestructive manner. They’ll be developed so that you can make your own content changes such as phone numbers, emails, updating your gallery etc.
Does the offer include Ecommerce Stores

No, the offer is strictly for one-page websites and does not include Ecommerce Stores.
We have Ecommerce Website Package available. contact us for inqueries.

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